Isibani Law & Therapy Center

Shining a light
For the survivors of
Gender Based Violence.

Who We Are

lsibani assists survivors of gender based violence to navigate the maze that is created by traditional criminal justice procedures.

The Isibani Vision

The work of lsibani is to ensure  that the darkness that shrouds  the criminal justice system is dispelled, illuminating the pathway to justice.

The Isibani Mission

To eliminate gender based violence; to hold accountable State institutions to fulfil their mandates; to educate the community of Kwa-Xolo of their constitutional rights.

The methods we engage to achieve our goal.

Watching Brief

A crucial component of the work of Isibani revolves around watch and brief. Watching brief is a method that allows the legal representatives of victims of crimes to ensure that their rights and interests are adequately considered.


Isibani advocates for change through participating in local marches and protests. These are a core fabric of South Africa’s activist movement and are a useful tool to shift conversations and lobby for real change in policy and practice.

Strategic Partnerships

Isibani works in close partnership with Siyamthanda Shelter for Women and Children. Through the obvious advantage of being physically located in the same space, the shelter assists in providing clients to the Isibani.

Community Awareness

Isibani has partnered with the traditional council as a way to raise awareness and gain access to the communities. On an average of once a month the attorney has attended the gatherings of the traditional council to introduce the project and to ask for advice and direction from the chief and indunas on a way forward.

Kwa Xolo Tribal Council

Antiquated cultural practices can play a significant role in maintaining violence, and that is why traditional leaders play a vital role in how we tackle GBV. The indunas (tribal councillor) are crucial in connecting victims of gender based violence with Isibani.

Educational Initiatives

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. Isibani’s community work is focused on educating communities about gender based violence, what is acceptable and what is not. Through education, myths about sexual violence and the law are debunked.

"Section 12 of the South African Bill of Rights guarantees everyone, including women and children has the right to be free from all forms of violence from either public or private sources."

"The right to bodily and psychological integrity includes women and their ability to have full control over their own bodies"