There is a mother, her daughter and granddaughter who sought shelter at Siyamthanda Shelter for Abused Women. The husband/father is accused of assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, rape and attempted rape. There have been challenges with getting the police and prosecutors to adequately investigate the separate matters.

The mother has been in this violent relationship for over forty years, she has previously attempted to report the matter but was always advised by the police that it was a private family matter. She finally opened a case in January 2019. This time, her husband had threatened to kill her with a gun. A few months later she received a call from the police informing her that the case had been dropped, without any explanation or justification. Isibani was able to follow up with the police officers and prosecutors and successfully managed to have the case re-opened.

The prosecution claimed there was insufficient evidence to prosecute, despite the fact that there were eye witnesses present and the police confiscated the gun that was used in the assault. The matter is ongoing, there are numerous challenges as there appears to be either gross incompetence, negligence or corruption at the hands of the police and prosecutors.

Although the case has been re-opened there is still a need to understand why the matter was closed in the first instance and what steps will be taken to ensure that the matter is adequately prosecuted.