About Isibani

“The name lsibani translates directly to “light house / guiding light”. The vision of lsibani is to be a light to the survivors of gender based violence by ensuring they receive full protection of the law.

lsibani Law and Therapy Centre is an innovative new way of engaging with the law and protecting human rights. Nestled in the heart of rural KwaZulu-Natal, lsibani is located within the community it seeks to serve. Gender based violence in South Africa is at alarmingly high proportions and without creative interventions, there will be no end to the crisis.

The traditional players in gender based violence cases are the State and the perpetrator, with the survivor/ complainant being left without say or agency in the proceedings. Through the erasure and silencing of the victim’s voices in the criminal process, the justice process inadvertently empowers the criminals to evade accountability for their  actions. Despite the rhetoric about a victim centered approach in handling gender based violence cases, the lived reality is far from that.

This is where lsibani LTC comes in, through partnering with victims of gender based violence, we serve by ensuring that they are key players in the criminal process. lsibani assists survivors navigate the maze that is created by traditional criminal justice procedures which leave the victims disempowered and often more traumatised. Our process is entirely in partnership with the clients we assist, ensuring that they are present for every step we take and they are empowered to understand the law. lsibani also has programs that are focused on prevention and awareness initiatives.


Assisted To Date

We strive to continuously assist
the most vulnerable in our communities.

“Bengizizwa ingathi ngingedwa and no one believed me about my case. The team at Isibani listened to me and believed me, and help me ukuthi ngizwisise icase yami. The legal process can be difficult to understand but now I know my rights”

“We are afraid of the police because they do not see us as people. The team at Isibani really helped me to go to the police station and to open my case with confidence. I know with them helping me, they will not ignore me long.”